Thursday, August 22, 2013

1L/2LE Suggested Job Search Timeline for

Your first summer of legal employment offers a fantastic chance for you to explore the various opportunities that are out there for lawyers. There are a variety of opportunities available to Rutgers-Newark students for the summer after their 1L/2LE year. It is important to gain legal experience and VITAL to begin laying the groundwork for future career-building efforts.  If you want to find a job as a lawyer following graduation -- whether you are a full-time, part-time, or evening-division student – you will greatly improve your marketability by gaining legal experience – paid or unpaid -- during law school.
After the jump, you'll find a suggested job search timeline for your 1L/2LE year of law school to get you started on your career planning.

August – October 15th

   Start classes and adjust to law school life. Attend CDO general career programming and events.

 October 15th - December
   Attend First Year Career Services Orientation given by the CDO.
   Make an appointment with a Career Services Counselor. Evening students too!! CDO is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and counselors are also available by appointment for earlier or later times.
   Attend resume and cover letter workshops.
   Prepare your resume and cover letter and have them reviewed by a Career Services Counselor. You may send them in by e-mail ( in MS Word format. Counselors will review your drafts and work with you to present your education and accomplishments in a professional way.
   Register for the NYU Job Fair.
   Most importantly: study for FINALS!

   1L/2LE students may apply for summer positions starting December 1st.
   Apply for externships with federal judges.
   Mail resumes and cover letters if seeking summer positions with large law firms or other employers interested in receiving resumes at this time.
Winter Break
  Submit resumes into the NYU Job Fair system before the deadline.
   Keep an eye out for holiday receptions and events you can attend to build your network of contacts.
   Conduct self-initiated interviews, including both large law firm interviews plus informational interviews in a variety of legal/alternative settings. Continue to expand your networking efforts.

January – March

   If you have not already done so, make an appointment with your Career Services Counselor to discuss your resume and cover letter, and your search strategies.

   Continue strategizing for your 1L summer job – learn about small and mid-sized firms, government, public/sector, judicial internships, business and other opportunities.

   Attend interview prep sessions and workshops.

   Check the job postings in Symplicity regularly.

   Your grades are all in now. If you met with your Counselor in the fall semester, make another appointment to discuss the status of your search and your networking efforts, after your grades are in. Update your resume. If you are unhappy with a grade, go back and meet with your professor to learn why you received such a grade. You are certain to learn something important and you may be able to better explain an unhappy grade to a potential employer in a positive way.

   Attend CDO panels and discussions to learn more about various legal fields.

   Attend NYU Job Fair (February).

   Apply for externships with state judges.

   Submit your resume for spring on-campus interviews (February – March).

   Pursue options for summer funding for public interest jobs, including PILF grants.


   Attend New Jersey Law Firm Night.

   Attend On Campus Interview (OCI) Orientation
   Diversity students register to participate in the New Jersey Law Firm Group Job Fair.


   Do something legal! This may include volunteering with a judge, working in a law firm, attending a study-abroad program, volunteering at a public sector organization, interning with a government agency or researching for a professor. It is perfectly acceptable to future employers to work a part-time, unpaid, law-related job around a necessary, paying, non-legal job.
   Review CDO announcements and updates regarding On-Campus Interviewing, Resume Referrals, and CDO programs for the fall. These announcements frequently are sent by email through the law school’s listserv.  Be sure to keep aware of and meet all deadlines associated with fall programs. A missed deadline may disqualify you from participating in the programs. Read the procedures for participation thoroughly.

   Network, network, network!! Talk to as many people as you can about career options and interests.

   Update your resume and prepare a cover letter and send them to CDO for review in preparation for fall On-Campus Interviewing - or make an appointment to meet with a Career Services Counselor.

   Continue researching possible legal careers.

AND ALWAYS read CDO email messages and review job postings!!