Friday, March 15, 2013

Don't Take a Break During Spring Break

Spring break is coming up next week and we all know everyone needs a breather.  Take some time off but don't miss the opportunity to use part of your spring break to advance your career goals.  Below are some career development activities to consider fitting into your time off:

Network:  Connect with someone that you have been meaning to get in touch with. An alumnus practicing in the field you are interested in.  A speaker from an event you attended that you have been meaning to email for coffee.  A former colleague you haven't spoken to in a while.  Attend an event in a practice area that you are interested in and talk to fellow attendees.  For tips on how to network at events, check out our previous posts on networking before, during, and after the event.  You never know where your next job lead is going to come from.

Job Shadow:  Follow an attorney that has the job you want for a few hours one day.  You will learn first hand what a typical day in a particular practice looks like.  Job shadowing is one the best ways to learn if the field you are considering for your career is a good fit for you.

Informational Interviews:  Contact employers that interest you and ask for informational interviews.  We have posted a presentation on information interviews under the Resources tab in Symplicity (search for keyword "information").  Conducting such interviews gets you information but also puts you in the employers radar as a credible candidate for any future opportunities.

Update your Materials:  Use Spring Break to update your career materials.  The Career Development Office is open during the break and counselors are available to assist.  Getting your materials in shape now will put you in better position to apply to opportunities faster.

Manage Your Professional Brand:  If you don't have a LinkedIn account, consider using some time next week to start one and become active.  You should also use the opportunity to evaluate your social network privacy setting and deleting any details that could jeopardize your career.  Don't let questionable content on Facebook (or any other social media site) diminish your career capital.

We'll see you when you get back!