Wednesday, August 1, 2012

GOVERNMENT HONORS AND INTERNSHIP HANDBOOK Great resource now available! If you are interested in an internship or post-graduate position with a federal agency or department, this handbook, published by the University of Arizona, is an invaluable resource. The 2012-13 Government Honors & Internship Handbook is now online. This Handbook is a web-based comprehensive listing of federal, state and local legal internships and post-graduation honors programs. This year's Handbook contains information about 143 programs offered by 48 federal employers, and 58 programs offered by 49 state and local employers, for a total of 202 Honors and Internship opportunities. It describes each employer's mission and organizational structure, and provides links to employer websites. It also includes deadline tables, Government Service salary schedules, tips for finding housing in Washington DC and other geographic locations, government regulations for hiring non-citizens and information about government background checks. Information on how to access the Handbook, including a password and username, can be found in the Resources section of Symplicity. **NOTE** There are many programs with upcoming deadlines. For example: * Department of Justice Honors and Law Intern Programs (deadline September 4, 2012) * Department of State - Office of the Legal Advisor (Civil) 3-Year New Attorney Program (deadline September 1, 2012) * Department of the Interior - Office of the Solicitor 2013 Honors Attorney Program (deadline September 7, 2012) * Federal Trade Commission - Bureau of Competition - Entry-Level Attorney Program (September 15, 2012)