Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Attend the Practising Law Institute's Programs on Scholarship!!

PLI offers scholarships to students for our live AND archived programs. In most cases, you'll only pay a $25 scholarship application fee . . . for programs that attorneys pay up to almost $2,000 for! 

If you can, attend a live program for top-notch networking opportunities, on top of all of the cutting-edge substance. Or watch a Live Webcast. In either case, be sure to get your scholarship application in to us at least one month in advance of the live program you want to attend or watch.  PLI also offers access to their archived programs. (The scholarship process can take up to a month, even if you're looking to watch an archived program.)

Here are some highlights of PLI's upcoming programs. For more information on each program, click here and search for the program by date.
  • Patent Bar Review* (Boston, July 11-15; Chicago, August 7-11; other locations and homestudy: www.patentbarreview.com)
  • Prior Art, Obviousness, and the America Invents Act in 2012
    (SF & Web, July 23)
  • Basics of International Taxation 2012 (NY & Web, July 23-24)
  • Ethics for Discovery 2012 (NY & Web, July 25)
  • This Really Happened: A Review of Real World Ethical Issues 2012 (NY & Web, July 25)
  • Understanding the Securities Laws 2012 (NY, July 26-27)
  • 15th Children's Law Institute (NY & Web, July 30)
  • Writing for Transactional Lawyers 2012 (NY & Web, July 31)
  • Negotiation Workshop for Lawyers 2012 (NY, August 1)
  • Securities Arbitration 2012 (NY & Web, August 2)
  • Prison Law 2012 (NY & Web, August 3)
  • ERISA: The Evolving World 2012 (NY & Web, August 6-7)
  • 14th Annual Supreme Court Review: October 2011 Term
    (NY & Web, August 9)
  • Defending Immigration Removal Proceedings 2012 (NY & Web, August 13)
*Full scholarships are not available for the Patent Bar Review, but students get a substantial discount.

To apply for a scholarship to any of the above (or future) programs, click here.