Monday, November 21, 2011

New Jersey Law Firm Group Mentor Program

The New Jersey Law Firm Group announces the 2012 New Jersey Law Firm Group’s Annual Mentor Program for first-year law students. The purpose of the Mentor Program is to guide the selected first-year law students through the interview/hiring process that typically takes place at the commencement of their second year of law school. The Program is not designed to guarantee a summer job or even an interview with the volunteer mentor’s employer; rather, the Program will provide the student with a contact within the New Jersey legal community and hopefully, give the students insight into the practical aspects of the legal profession.

To participate in the program, go to the Job Postings section of Symplicity and search for the 2012 Mentor Program. You will need to complete the contact information form and provide your current resume. Follow the instructions on Symplicity on how to submit your materials to participate.