Wednesday, September 14, 2011

International Law Program

Presented by Matthew Wilson, Senior Associate Dean of Temple University Law School's Japan Program
Thursday, Sept. 15th, at 5:00pm, the Baker Trial Courtroom
The one hour program covers the following topics:
1. What is International Law? This is a question that many law students interested in the area need to how to effectively answer.
2. What is an International Lawyer? Prof. Wilson talks about his own experiences in the U.S., Japan, Philippines and Northern Mariana Islands, and exactly what an “ international” attorney does.
3. Opening the door: things that a law student can do during law school to get involved in transnational or international legal matters.
4. Studying Abroad: How to effectively utilize study abroad programs during law school. It cannot be used just as a vacation.
5. Where the jobs are: conventional and unique international career opportunities for law students domestically in the United States, overseas, and on tropical islands.
6. Job searching tips: how a U.S. educated law student can go about finding an internationally related legal internship or job either domestically or overseas.
7. Practical Application: How international experiences translate into networking, client development, and career opportunities in the United States