Friday, February 19, 2010

Students: Shadow the Essex County Prosecutor's Homicide Division for a Day!*

Interested in Criminal Law? Want to see what it's really like to work in a Prosecutor's Office? The Essex County Prosecutor's Office has generously offered to host one 2L/3LE student and one 3L/4LE student for a day. To win this great opportunity, any 2L/3LE or 3L/4LE student may sign up for a lottery by filling out a raffle ticket (one per person). Raffle tickets are available in the Office of Career Services, on Blackboard (under the Programs tab in the main menu) and on flyers posted around the school. Raffle tickets will be collected in the Office of Career Services now until Wednesday, March 3rd at 4pm. The shadowing date will be sometime this Spring and will be determined once the students are selected by lottery. *This event was generously donated by Douglas Duncan, a Rutgers undergraduate alum.