Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Follow Up: Using Social Networking Sites in Your Job Search

On November 5th, Amanda Ellis of Amanda Ellis Legal Search spoke to students about using social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, in their job search. In addition to her presentation which you can access through Blackboard (go to the Office of Career Services, Programs), she recommended the following "6 Things to Do" to get started using these social networking sites to your advantage: 1. Use the photo privacy settings on Facebook to limit who can access your photos. 2. Sign up for and complete a LinkedIn profile. Include detailed information about yourself and your job experience. 3. Connect with contacts via LinkedIn - initially and each time you meet a new contact. 4. Search for firms and attorneys in LinkedIn and determine if there are 2nd and 3rd degree contacts who might be able to introduce you. 5. Try Twitter - Create a profile and observe 10 people or organizations in the legal profession for a week. 6. Increase Twitter communication in week 2 with 1-2 people.