Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1L Summer Job Search

Are you a 1L and wondering what you need to do in terms of looking for a summer job? At this point in the school year there are only a few steps you should be taking. First, concentrate on your academics and getting through your first semester exams. Although it is important to get some legal experience this summer, nothing will help you with your job search more than getting good grades. Second, take this time to work on your resume and cover letter. Samples can be found in the 1L/2L Handbook posted on the Office of Career Services section of Blackboard. Make an appointment with Career Services to have a career counselor review them with you. Third, if you are interested in either working at a large law firm or for a federal judge the summer after your first year, these are more competitive summer jobs. Therefore, you might consider sending your resume and cover letter to these places in December. A list of federal judges can be found on Symplicity. Finally, be sure to sign up for the NYU Job Fair. The registration deadline is December 1st, 2009. After final exams, you can start to target and apply for your ideal summer job. Next semester be sure to check with our office for upcoming events, networking opportunities, and help with your summer job search.